Just three alcoholic drinks a day can cause liver cancer

25th March 2015:

Responding to the findings from the World Cancer Research Fund that just three alcoholic drinks a day can cause liver cancer, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) said:

“The findings from this study further demonstrate the urgent need for mandatory health warnings on alcohol products. Alcohol, like tobacco and asbestos, is a class 1 carcinogen and it is scandalous that the public is not provided with such basic information.

“Evidence from the AHA demonstrates that the public are still largely unaware of the direct link between alcohol and cancer. Every person has the right to know what they are putting into their bodies and to make an informed choice. Current voluntary pledges on labelling by the alcohol industry do not go far enough; such groups will always place the interests of shareholders above the interests of public health.

“This report also shows that there is no safe level of drinking when it comes to cancer prevention. It’s time for the government to take action to minimise the risk of harm; including ensuring that labels carry mandatory health warnings and lists of ingredients to standards that are developed independently from groups with vested interests”.