Small change: alcohol at pocket money prices AHA pricing survey 2020

The Alcohol Health Alliance UK visited shops and supermarkets across England, Scotland and Wales to compare how cheaply alcohol is being sold in each nation.

Key findings

  • Cider is the cheapest available product in England and is being sold for as little as 19p per unit of alcohol, meaning that consumers can reach the weekly low-risk drinking guideline of 14 units of alcohol for just £2.68.
  • One bottle of the cheapest cider contains more alcohol than eight pints of beer – and costs 8p less than a single pint in a pub.
  • For the price of a standard cinema ticket (£7.11), you could buy two bottles of wine, containing 19.5 units, and have 13p change leftover.
  • A 1-litre bottle of vodka, which contains 37.5 units, is cheaper than a large pizza at Domino’s (£14.99).