The Alcohol Health Alliance responds to NHS Digital statistics on alcohol

In response to NHS Digital’s latest figures on alcohol, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance said:  

“The Government needs to wake up to the fact that the harmful use of alcohol is killing people across the country right now. Far too many people are dying much too young as a direct result of unhealthy levels of alcohol consumption in England. This latest data shows that hospital admissions for alcohol are at record levels and 77% of alcohol related deaths were in the age range 40-69; this is nothing short of a national health disaster. And it is people in the poorest communities who are affected the most.

“There are steps the Government should take in the next few weeks that would start a fightback against alcohol harms. The Chancellor needs to increase alcohol duty by 2% above inflation in the next Budget. In addition, England needs minimum unit pricing, following the lead of Scotland and Wales, and cuts in support for harmful drinkers need to be reversed. The Government must get serious about preventing harmful drinking by committing to making these changes now.”